Buy Frames

How? Purchase “Frames” and become a Producer

We’re offering the opportunity to purchase “frames” of our next film, for $10 USD each frame – that’s about the cost of a movie ticket. Purchase as many frames as you want, as an individual or as a part of any organization. In addition to knowing that you’re helping to bring Halal entertainment to a world that’s starving for it, you’ll also:

  • Be listed in the credit roll of the film we produce as follows:

    1 to 9 frames Assistant Producer
    10 to 49 frames Associate Producer
    50 to 99 frames Co-Producer
    100 to 499 frames Producer
    500 or more frames Executive Producer

  • Be listed on our website as a partner in the movement for Halal Entertainment.
  • Be a part of helping to overcome negative stereotypes of Muslims and Muslim culture around the world.
  • Enjoy the rewards of knowing that you have helped to spread a positive message throughout the world – an act of Sadaqah.

Our Goal: $100,000

If everyone who visits this site buys as many frames as they comfortably can – even if it’s just one or two – we know that we can reach this goal. Here’s your chance to see your name in the credits of a real movie . . . while making a real difference in our society.

Buy Frames Now! ($10 each)

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