Ummah Films is a Muslim film company that strives to provide Halaal (Islamically permissable) entertainment to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We are not affliated with any particular movement, sect, group, etc. We absolutely condemn in the strongest terms terrorism and any extremism done in the name of Islam and we refuse to associate ourselves with those who practice and condone such behavior and thoughts.

One of the things that has set Ummah Films apart from other other Islamic and Muslim-based entertainment is the approach of using entertainment to reach out to the masses who usually do not attend lectures or services at the mosques to learn about Islam. Coupled with entertainment, Ummah Films believed that it was possible to reach out to the English-speaking world and educate them on Muslims and Islam. The sense of urgency of educating people about Islam especially after 9/11 and the backlash against Muslims and Islam was one of the main driving factors for Ummah Films.

If our films achieve anything then all praise is all due to Allah, only the mistakes are ours.

About Ummah Films

Ali's innovative idea for Ummah Films was spawned by the tragic events of September 11. Immediately following the terrorist strike, Muslims worldwide condemned the attacks as both evil and contrary to the true teachings of Islam. Ali, and co-founder Mahdi Ahmad, felt it was imperative that Ummah Films do its part to educate the public, but decided on a alternative approach that, while edgy, maintains the proper amount of respectability that upholds the fundamental tenants of Islam.

"It's unfortunate that the religion of Islam was associated with 9-11 since Islam completely condemns any form of terrorism and extremism," said Ali, creator of the hit board game Mecca to Medina. "It has been estimated that five to eight million Muslims live in the United States. If Islam taught terrorism, you would see Muslims all over the local news committing acts of violence. Instead, the reality is the exact opposite because Islam is a religion peace, not terrorism."

First Completed Project: The Reminder Series

Humor is a powerful emotion, and using it is indeed an art form. That's exactly what the year's most promising start-up film company -- Ummah Films -- has accomplished, taking a lighthearted approach toward Muslim-based entertainment.

Taking the Internet by storm, Ummah Films' first video blog series, "The Reminder," has been a major success with millions page of video views in less than two months. Season One of "The Reminder," which can be found at or has been praised as creative, witty and thought-provoking, sending a powerful message that reaches all races and religions.

"My goal with 'The Reminder' was to dispel the misconceptions among not only non-Muslims, but with Muslims as well," said Baba Ali, co-founder of Ummah Films and the writer-producer of the series. " 'The Reminder' combines comedy with a serious subject matter in a way that reaches out to the hearts and minds of people who need to know the truth about Islam."

In the same style as Comedy Central's John Stewart or HBO's Bill Maher, Ali cuts through the muck of grandstanding and politicizing issues by simply telling it like it is. But instead of mocking Muslims or Islam, Ummah Films uses a comical approach that hits the mark with almost every viewer, without using any offensive material.

The sharp-witted videos remain Islamically permissible while taking a realistic look at the everyday issues Muslims are confronted with, including being a Muslim teen in America, Muslim weddings, being Muslim while flying, and one of the most popular episodes, Culture vs. Islam.

"In my opinion, Islam is the most misunderstood religion around," said Ali. "Not just by non-Muslims, but by Muslims as well. Although many Muslims are born into a Muslim family, often times they are not taught Islam properly and that, of course, can lead to problems. I hope my movie shorts can play at least some part in
restoring Islam's credibility so people can focus on its positive message."


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