What makes Ummah Films different?

We provide a Halaal (Islamically permissible) alternative form of entertainment with a positive message. Insha' Allah (God willing), we hope to change the negative stereotypes of Muslims and make films that Muslims (as well as others) can relate to. For Ummah Films, Islam will always comes first so therefore, we will not compromise for the sake of being "artistic" or otherwise - no naked people, no cursing, no Haraam (prohibited in Islam) period. Unlike other artists, we do not think that you have to mock Islam or Muslims to be funny and to us, that type of approach is not funny at all. Instead we try to use humor to the nonsense actions Muslims do to bring attention to it and so people will remember.

How come you guys don't have any advertisements on your site?

Ummah Films is not a business where we will ever be remotely involved in selling anything Haraam. We are afraid that if we added "Google Ads" or anything similar to our site to generate funds for future projects, that Google or other sites might try to sell Haraam stuff. Thus out of fear of Allah (swt), we have decided not to go that route. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), we have both shirts and DVDs to sell, so if we raise funds from these items, then we use that profit to make future projects Insha' Allah.

Is it true that all women in your movies will be wearing Hijab, even the non-Muslim actresses?

Yes. We want to provide a positive role model for women. Today, the role models for women are your typical "Barbie-like" image and many women think that they have to look like that to fit in. Islam gave women honor and we are tired of seeing Muslim women on TV shown in an inferrior way. Anytime you turn on the TV and you see a sister in Hijab she is either crying, being oppressed, etc. We want to change this image Insha' Allah.

I have an idea for a future project. Who can I sent it to?

We are always open to ideas so please email your ideas and suggestions to: info@ummahfilms.com

What does Ummah Films saying about Terrorism?

We completely condemn terrorism. Islam and Terrorism have nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately, many people do not know this.

How can I support Ummah Films?

You can buy a T-shirt, a DVD, comment on the blog, and most importantly tell your friends and family about it. The ultimate goal is to be successful on the Day of Judgment, so we want to collect as many good deeds as possible Insha' Allah. Each film and video has a positive message so that we can all benefit from and if you benefit from it, then we have accomplish our goal Insha' Allah. So please let others know so they can benefit from it as well!


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